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We support individuals and teams to thrive by building trust through coaching and training.

Our clients have sought our advice to turn around their business, master change, or to develop and implement new strategies.

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We support our clients to build trust in four powerful ways:  



  • We are all leaders, and we are always leading – ourselves, our lives, others, teams, entire organizations. We are responsible for ourselves and for our impact.

  • Based on these notions, we support our clients to gain a sense of purpose, to clarify the intentions they have and the impact they want to make, and to mobilize their untapped resources.

  • In our coaching we combine humble inquiry, sharp analysis, and humor with fierce support for you to create learning and action.

  • Our clients - mainly but not exclusively executives in senior and middle management positions - gain increased clarity, freedom of choice and ideas for action to unleash their full personal potential.

  • Typical coaching topics are: new on a leadership position, job change, challenges as a project manager, career perspectives, resilience and thriving.



  • Effective teams have members who trust each other, are able to engage in conflict, commit to decisions and hold each other accountable.

  • From our experience as leaders of international teams in business and research worlds, we personally know how it is to get stuck in conflict – be it due to complex settings in a matrix organization or oposing demands from stakeholders or for any other reason.

  • We create a safe and fun environment for our clients to open up, to draw on their (yet) untapped resources and to explore any issues that might hold them back.

  • Our clients gain clarity, determination, and discipline to develop and follow through with innovative ways of working together.

  • Typical team coaching topics are: giving effective feedback, taking decisions, dealing with conflict, discipline, accountability and commitment, team resilience, dealing with change.


  • We train high-potential individuals in specific skills required to lead and manage themselves and others.

  • In our training we combine a variety of proven, evidence and evidence-based methods based on techniques of experiential learning and co-creation. Participants are challenged to reflect and go back and forth between theoretical input (content) and practical application (context).

  • Our clients acquire the mind-set and behavior to drive innovation in any context they might find themselves in.

  • Typical training topics are: career development, time, project management, communication, effective feedback, change management, conflict management, energy management and resilience, design thinking, sales excellence, Leadership Academies for new and advanced managers and leaders.



  • We facilitate workshops where participants attempt to resolve an issue or conflict, to forge a joint position or to craft a common solution, for example meetings between board members and employee representatives or meetings with critical stakeholders.

  • In many stand-off situations our leadership helped to bring participants to align. Our clients find that we moderate such events with “great sensitivity to both individual positions and group dynamics”. We champion an inclusive approach to facilitation, which activates and engages participants in a playful manner.

  • As a result, all voices are heard and taken into due consideration, and our clients can move their projects or organizations forward by implementing novel solutions.

  • Typical events are: strategy meetings, advisory board meetings, workers council meetings, high-level stakeholder meetings

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Our clients include a wide range of companies from services sector and industry, universities and research organizations, as well as public institutions and international organizations.

We thank our clients for their confidence in the work we do together with them.

For visitors of our website who are interested in our previous work we will provide a list of references upon request.

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We pursued careers in the international engineering and academic / consulting worlds respectively, before starting to work as coaches and trainers. We graduated from The Coaches Training Institute – the worldwide leader in coaching training – and are certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF). It is this combination of personal commitment, practical experience, solid training and staunch dedication that we bring to the work with our clients.




Thomas studied business administration, philosophy, and international politics.

He has more than 20 years of experience in strategy and policy consulting, working for Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, Manchester Business School, and Technopolis Group, where he led international research and consulting projects.

Thomas combines humble inquiry with sharp analysis, encouraging his clients to challenge themselves and unfold all their resources.





Lukas has a background in mechanical engineering and business administration.

He has more than 15 years of experience in the international energy and engineering business with numerous operations in Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Middle East, culminating in a job as Head of Sales of an international engineering company.

In his work Lukas champions high energy and playful charm to safely push clients to their individual and collective edge and beyond.


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We collaborate with a number of well-established coaching and training organizations.

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Trust lies at the heart of success. When we trust, we feel safe, we sleep well, we can be creative and innovate, no matter how big the challenge we face. With trust we are able to face our fears, to listen to opposing views and to agree on common action. When we trust we are able to lead: ourselves, others, organizations.

From our experience as leaders of international teams in the corporate, consulting, and research worlds, we know how it is to get stuck in a professional situation – be it due to a lack of orientation, low confidence, or avoidance of conflict – and how to get unstuck. As certified coaches and trainers we address these issues by building the trust muscle. We are curious, empathetic, full of humour yet challenging and analytically sharp in our work with clients.

Through our work we enable our clients to trust themselves, the people around them, as well as the decisions and actions they take. They are then able to be creative and solve conflicts, to innovate and to commit to challenging goals.

If you think our services could be of use for you or your team, please get in touch.

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